Creating custom secure hard drives for your business

We understand the policies that dictate your security decisions

At Apricorn we understand that security policies vary from company to company. Security compliance policies and priorities are dynamic, changing as new security threats appear on the horizon. The risk of accidentally exposing critical data is ever increasing as employees move from the office to the mobile workplace, and keeping your company’s data protected has never been so challenging.

Whether in healthcare, financial, government or general business, we understand the policies that dictate your security decisions. With Sarbanes Oxley, HIPAA and the GLB act (Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act), having a mobile data security procedure in place has never been more important.

Customized Secure Drives for Your Business

Designed and controlled by Apricorn, our Aegis Padlock drive can be customized to your specific needs.

  • Pre-loaded Administrator PIN for easy deployment

  • Customized PIN lengths or combinations
    • –   A longer PIN if needed
    • –   Use of various characters or certain sequences

  • Encryption key lengths – 128-bit vs 256-bit

  • Brute force behavior

  • Customized for your particular security policy

  • Can be changed to erase the encryption key rendering data useless

  • Customized color, logo and instruction manual

  • Unique capacities or drive models or types

  • Serialized tracking

  • Customized software bundles – the drive can be pre-loaded with software of your choice

  • Drop ship/deployment

Whether it be the customization of the physical drive with your company logo, unique security functions, custom user manuals or drop shipments directly to your end users, Apricorn has the ability to build a secure drive to meet your company’s unique security needs.