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Why am I getting an Error Code with passwords?

The password error codes can be confusing because the same code is used for two completely different reasons. You will receive the following error if you enter the wrong password (or enter a correct password but with the wrong radio button chosen.) “The Vault Drive returned an error “Bad Data” please ensure you enter your password correctly.” Once you choose the correct password or radio button and click on the Unlock button again, the drive will unlock.

How many user passwords can be stored?

Three. You will receive the error (The Vault Drive returned an error “Bad Data” please ensure you enter your password correctly.) if you exceed 3 user passwords. When you add the 4th password you will receive the same error message.

Can the drive be formatted with NTFS and instead of FAT32?

Yes, but there are known issues with the drive having delayed write failures when formatted this way. We highly recommend using the Aegis formatter to format the drive.

What does the LED light indicate?

The LED light acts as a visual indicator to show when the Aegis Vault is locked or unlocked. When the red LED light is glowing, it indicates the Aegis Vault is locked. When the Green LED light is glowing it indicates the Aegis Vault is unlocked.

The Vault runs at 1.1 speeds on my Mac, even though it is a 2.0 port.

This is a know issue with the Vault.