SATA Wire 3.0 - USB 3.0 Interface to any 2.5" SATA Drive

SATA Wire 3.0 - USB 3.0 Interface to any 2.5" SATA Drive

Notebook Hard Drive Upgrade Kit with USB 3.0 Connection

Quick Overview

  • USB 3.0 connection - 10x faster than USB 2.0

  • Clone your hard drive in a fraction of the time

  • Connects to any 2.5” SATA Hard Drive or Solid State Drive

  • Perfect for upgrading your notebook hdd or transferring data to bare drives

  • Includes Cloning Software:
    Apricorn EZ Gig®
    ShirtPocket SuperDuper!
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SATA Wire 3.0 Kit


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Product FAQs

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Why is my system unable to boot to the Apricorn upgrade CD?

You must set your CD as the first boot device in your system BIOS. Look in your BIOS for a feature called ‘boot sequence” or similar wording. Change the parameters so the CD-ROM is before the hard drive in the boot sequence. This will allow the Apricorn CD to start as expected. You can also access a temporary boot menu by pressing F12 during the computers boot sequence and then selecting the CDROM device.

When I boot the CD to use the software, it indicates that it needs a second drive to use the cloning software. I have the drive connected to my USB port. Why does it not recognize the drive?

There are two potential reasons this message occurs. The first may be a power issue. Ensure the drive is using a second power source such as the second USB port. Also, verify the power switch is set to "ON". The second potential reason is the generic driver used by the software may not be compatible with your USB controller. Although we continually update the software it may not be compatible with every USB port. Your laptop may have incompatible USB ports. If this is the case, see “How can I clone a drive from within the Windows operating system?"

It is taking hours to copy the original drive to my new drive using your software. Is there something wrong with your hard drive?

If your laptop has USB 1.1 ports the data transfer rate is considerably slower than a USB 2.0 port. In this case, what you are observing is normal. Bad sectors and file errors on the source drive can also cause the software to run slowly. Make sure to run error checking (chkdsk /r) and defragment on the drive before cloning, if possible.

Will my system be able to use this larger capacity drive?

Most current systems will experience no difficulty using a modern drive. Using a modern operating system eases many compatibility concerns. Upgrading your system BIOS to the latest release is also a good idea. Contact your system manufacturer for details regarding a BIOS upgrade.

My drive works at home but will not show up when I take it to work. What is wrong?

You may have a network drive that is mapped to the same letter as your internal drive. You can use Disk Management (right-click My Computer, select Manage and then Disk Management) to assign a new drive letter. Locate the drive in the lower window and right click in the bar graph area. Right-click and select “change drive letter and path…” to change the letter to one that is not being used. (If you do not have sufficient rights, your system administrator may need to make these changes for you.)

My Dell has Media Direct and uses the hidden HPA partition. Will I be able to clone the drive?

Please contact Support if you have Media Direct 2 or 3. Please refer to Dell support site for instructions on re-installing Media Direct.

Go to Dell Support >>

Will the SATA Wire work with the newer IBM/Lenovo laptops, such as the T, R and X (40, 50 & 60) series?

The SATA Wire and software will work with the models listed, however, to successfully upgrade one of these model notebooks and clone the existing data on the original drive to a new (replacement) drive, you must follow these steps:

1. Enter the BIOS setup Security page and disable the Pre-Desktop Area and the security chip (if enabled). Save changes and exit.

2. Install the new drive internally (inside the notebook)

3. Install the original drive into the Apricorn external enclosure

4. Boot to the EZ Gig CD application.

5. Using the "Disk Clone" option, clone the external (original) drive to the internal (new) drive (this is opposite the procedure described in our installation guide).

The electrical connector is different on my hard drive and it will not align with the connector in the SATA Wire.

Some laptop manufacturers use an adapter that covers the pins on end of the drive. This adapter needs to be removed from the drive before it will fit onto the DriveWire. Pull the connector straight off the pins to avoid bending the pins underneath.

Will the SATA Wire work with desktop size drives?

No. Desktop drives require both 5 volt and 12 volt signals. The SATA Wire gets power from the USB port, which can only provide the 5 volt signal.

Can the SATA Wire be used with the older USB 1.1 or 2.0 port?

Yes. The SATA Wire is backward compatible with older versions of USB.

Will the SATA Wire work with 1.8” laptop drives?

Most 1.8” drives will use the Micro SATA connector. There are adapters on the market (Micro SATA to SATA) which can be used to work with the SATA Wire.

Can the SATA Wire be used without the cloning software?

Yes. The SATA Wire can be used as a way of accessing data on a drive and no software needs to be used to accomplish this. Once plugged in, the drive should show up as a new drive letter in My Computer (assuming the drive is formatted and partitioned). For new drives, access disk management to partition and format the drive. It can then be used as a storage drive.

Can the SATA Wire be used to recover data off an old drive?

If the drive shows up in Windows explorer, the SATA Wire can be used (without the software) to access the file system and recover files. If the drive does not show up, recovery software can sometimes be used to recover files on a corrupted drive. This assumes that the drive is still functional.

Can I boot Windows to my USB Device?

No. Because of limitations (both hardware and software) Windows is currently prevented from booting and running off a USB drive.

I am unable to format my 40GB or larger hard drive with FAT 32 in Windows 2000 or XP?

Windows 2000 and XP limit a FAT32 partition to 32GB. If you choose to format the drive in a larger partition, you will need to use the NTFS file system.

Can I make a clone of my drive and put it in a different machine?

A clone is for disaster recovery purposes (i.e. when your drive fails and you need to get back up and running). No, you should not make a clone of your drive and put it in another or multiple machines. There are licensing issues for the software on your machine.

What is the buffer size for?

A buffer of 10% of total partition size(s) is needed to track changes to the file table and registry on the new drive. Without this buffer the cloning process cannot continue.

Why doesn’t my SATA Wire 3.0 or EZ Upgrade 3.0 work with my computer’s USB 3.0 port?

A very small percentage of computer manufacturers incorporate an ASMedia 1042 or 1043 USB 3.0 Host Bus Controller. Revision 1 thru 4 of this ASMedia chipset does not adhere to the USB 3.0 standard and is not compatible with Apricorn USB 3.0 products. If your computer was manufactured with one of these chipsets, you will only be able to use your Apricorn product on a USB 2.0 port. For troubleshooting purposes you can view the manufacturer of your USB 3.0 chipset by viewing the properties of your USB 3.0 controller in the computer's Device Manager, unfortunately the revision of the chipset is not displayed.

Warning from Microsoft for XP users and advanced format drives (includes all SSDs).

Taken from “Microsoft Compatibility Cookbook”

Overall Windows support for large sector media

This table documents the official Microsoft support policy for various media and their resulting reported sector sizes. See this KB article for details.

Windows Support

NOTES: While not stressed in the preceding table, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and Windows Server 2003 R2 do not support 512e or 4Kn media. While the system may boot up and be able to operate minimally, there may be unknown scenarios of functionality issues, data loss, or sub-optimal performance. Thus, Microsoft strongly cautions against using 512e media with Windows XP or other products based on the Windows XP codebase (such as Windows Home Server 1.0, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2003 R2, Windows XP 64-bit Edition, Windows XP Embedded, Windows Small Business Server 2003, and Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2).

Can an encrypted drive be cloned?

No. To clone a drive with software encryption (such as Bitlocker, TrueCrypt or others), you must first decrypt all partitions that contain encryption. Once they are decrypted, you can clone the drive. After you install the new drive, you can then re-enable the encryption on the partitions/drive.
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