Increase your notebook’s speed and performance by up to 30% with a high performance 7,200 RPM SATA drive

Apricorn's 7200 RPM SATA drives are the fastest available hard drive for notebook computers. With a 70% faster spindle speed and a 400% larger cache over 4200 RPM drives, these drives can improve overall system performance by 30%, providing desktop performance in a notebook computer.

All of this without sacrificing battery life, as these new high performance drives draw only slightly more power than a regular 5,400 RPM drive.

The SATA/300 interface enable fast data transfers, while the impressive 7200 RPM spindle speed and 8 MB cache enhance performance. With a 4.17 ms average latency you can expect great performance.

Or take your notebook to the next level with a Solid State Drive

Tougher design, means a longer life and better storage

Solid State drives are a durable and rugged storage solution that has no moving parts, operates with lower power consumption, and has ultra fast access speeds.

As the cost of Solid State Drives decrease, now everyone can enjoy the reliability and speed to satisfy the storage demands of gamers, multimedia creators, and daily business users.

Apricorn's EZ Gig Cloning Software with Data Select now makes upgrading to a smaller, faster SSD simple

EZ Gig’s Data Select feature provides a simple method to deselect data folders from the cloning process which is helpful when migrating from a large HDD to a smaller SSD and perfect for creating a Boot Disk. This gives you the option to run your OS and applications from a fast, smaller SSD boot drive, while keeping your documents and media files on your original hard drive.

EZ Gig is bundled with our entire line up Upgrade Kits

Simply use EZ Gig with one of Apricorn's latest upgrade products, including Drivewire, EZ Upgrade, Velocity Solo or SATA Wire. EZ Gig is included with our entire upgrade product line making upgrading your computer’s hard drive a snap.