Secure Your Mobile Workers

Balancing data security and mobile workers productivity is an increasing challenge for organisations worldwide.

  • 95% of businesses admitted they struggle with the challenges posed by mobile workers.
  • 34% of companies also admitted having a data loss breach as result of their mobile workers and 50% expect their employees to expose them to the risk of breach in the future.
  • 47% of companies identified the lack of understanding of what data they hold, how its processed and transferred, as a major concern and virtually every business agreed the need for continued investment in policy, people and/or technology.

Provide your mobile workers with best practice technology, secure your data at rest and in transit, and  minimise the risk of breaches. Apricorn is the global leader in PIN PAD authenticated, hardware–encrypted, software free USB and portable hard drives.

Contact us for a free device as part of Apricorn's enterprise evaluation program.

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