Press Release

Disaster Readiness – Keeping your Important
Documents Safe and Readily Available
with an Encrypted Drive

Accounting Today

Shouldn’t we all be taking stock of our Disaster Readiness Plans? Sure, we all know the importance of keeping our most important documents, such as birth certificates and Social Security Cards safe. Whether than be in a fireproof safe in the floor of your home or in a safety deposit box off site. But shouldn’t we also consider keeping an electronic version of these as well? When an emergency strikes we often don’t have much time or space to take our most important belongings with us. In these cases, picking a small drive with an electronic version of our most important documents is much easier than trying to pull files and folders from filing cabinets or safes. And these documents are easily accessible, an important thing to consider especially when returning to your home quickly may not be an option. What drive you use is just as important as what you put on it. When looking at a drive for this purpose consider the following:

  • 1. Make sure that the data on the drive is protected with encryption – Hardware encryption is best as these drives don’t need any software on the host computer to access. They are also able to work on any computer, a must when you don’t know where you’ll be.

  • 2. Restricted Access to the drive – This can be accomplished with either a PIN, password or biometric access (usually fingerprint). When setting up the drive, be sure to have a backup password or PIN, or in the case of fingerprint access, setup at least two fingers (preferably one from each hand).

  • 3. If this drive contains family and household documents, setting up other family members with their own unique access provides a useful backup measure if you are unable to access the drive.

Apricorn, a manufacturer of data security products, believes keeping your data safe on an encrypted drive is just another weapon in your arsenal IF disaster strikes. And shouldn’t we all take a little time to make sure that we’re prepared… just in case.