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NEW from Apricorn: Aegis Secure Key
Advanced USB Secure Flash Drive with PIN Access

Aegis Secure Key

Poway, CA – December 7, 2011 – Apricorn, a leading manufacturer of data security products for government, healthcare and business, today announced the addition of the Aegis Secure Key - a USB Encrypted Flash Drive - to its secure drive offering. Built around an alphanumeric keypad for secure PIN access and featuring real-time military grade AES CBC 256-bit hardware encryption, Apricorn’s latest product offering provides powerful data security that is simple to use. Ideal for travel with its water and dust resistant aluminum casing, tamper resistant circuitry, slim design and attractive $65 price point (for 4 GB model), the Aegis Secure Key provides a compelling feature set for anyone looking to secure their data.

“Data carried by mobile employees pose a unique set of challenges for IT security management. In our work with business and government agencies to secure their mobile data, we identified a need for a secure flash drive that’s not only protected against loss and theft, but also safeguarded against malware attacks by hackers and key loggers,” said Mike McCandless, VP of Sales & Marketing at Apricorn. “The Aegis Secure Key’s embedded keypad, onboard hardware encryption, and software free design shields your data from key loggers and other malware.”

Product Features

• Onboard Alphanumeric keypad - Using a rechargeable battery, the Aegis Secure Key enables the user to unlock the drive with a 7-15 digit PIN before connecting to the USB port on your computer, tablet or mobile device. The embedded keypad prevents hardware and software key logging attempts to capture your password entered via the host system.

• Military grade hardware encryption - All data on the drive is protected in real-time using AES CBC 256-bit hardware encryption. Encryption keys and PINs are protected using SHA-256 hashing cryptographic algorithm.

• Software Free Design - No Admin rights to contend with since there is no software or drivers to install, the Aegis Secure Key can work with any OS, including Windows, Mac, Linux as well Symbian and Android powered mobile devices.

In addition to hardware encryption, the Aegis Secure Key is designed to protect against a variety cryptographic and physical threats.

• Brute Force Hack Defense Mechanism - Protecting against automated attempts to crack the drive’s PIN, the Aegis Secure Key deletes the encryption key rendering all stored data useless once the incorrect PIN is entered a total of 10 consecutive times.

• Auto-lock - Aegis Secure Key will automatically lock when unplugged from the USB port, or the power to the USB port is turned off.

• Tamper resistant - Epoxy resin destroys circuit board components if tampered with.

Ideal for corporate and government deployments, the Aegis Secure Key can be configured with independent Admin and User PINs. If the user forgets their PIN, the drive can be unlocked using the Admin PIN. The Aegis Secure Key also employs a useful drive reset feature, which clears all PINs and data, and creates a new randomly generated encryption key to enable the drive to be reset and redeployed as many times as needed.

With its robust, tough enough to go anywhere sealed ‘crush resistant’ extruded aluminum casing to protect against dust and water, the Aegis Secure Key is also great for travel and military applications.

Available in capacities of 4, 8 and 16GB, the Aegis Secure Key provides a powerful, scalable and easy to implement mobile security solution. For corporate and government customers, Apricorn also provides a free corporate evaluation plan, enabling IT security professionals to fully assess the Aegis Secure Key as it pertains to their mobile security strategy.

Aegis Secure Key incorporates DataLock® Technology licensed from ClevX, LLC.


Apricorn’s Aegis Secure Key is available for purchase at resellers throughout the United States, Canada and online at


4 GB: $65
8 GB: $95
16 GB: $125


Three year limited

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System Requirements

Works with virtually any powered USB port, and fully compatible with Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac computers and Linux, as well as Symbian and Android powered tablets and smartphones.

About Apricorn

Apricorn, a leader in personal storage, has provided secure storage solutions for some of the most prominent names in the industries of finance, healthcare and government. Apricorn’s products have become the standard for many mobile security strategies. Apricorn was founded in 1983 and has developed numerous award winning products under the Apricorn brand and has been an OEM supplier to a number of leading computer manufacturers. Apricorn is headquartered in Poway, California, and distributes products throughout North America and Canada.

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