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NEW from Apricorn: Aegis NetDock Mac Edition
3 in 1 USB Hub, DVD Burner and 1TB Hard Drive
Give Desktop Functionality to MacBook Air

Aegis NetDock Mac Edition

Poway, CA – December 15, 2011 – Apricorn, the leader in personal storage, today announced the Mac Edition of their Aegis NetDock ($229 for 1TB model), an ultra-compact 3 in 1 USB Docking Station, combining a 4-port USB Hub, dual layer DVD burner and 1TB hard drive in a footprint smaller than a stapler. An ideal accessory to Apple’s MacBook Air, the Aegis NetDock instantly adds desktop functionality with a single USB connection.

Product Features

• Compact Design - With a high gloss, candy red enclosure and space saving vertical stand creating a tiny footprint small enough to fit on the most cluttered desk, the Aegis NetDock is perfect for mobile professionals, students and those looking a simple way to connect all of their mobile devices.

• 4-Port USB Hub - Ideal for connecting and charging all of your Apple “i” devices, including your iPhone, iPad and iPod, the NetDock’s 4-port USB Hub with two ALWAYS ON USB ports, enables you to connect up to four USB devices using a single USB port on your MacBook or MacBook Air.

• Dual Layer DVD Burner - The Aegis NetDock’s optical drive is perfect for installing the latest software, playing games or watching a DVD. Need to burn your latest iMovie or iLife project to a DVD? With its Dual Layer recording engine you can record up to 8.5GB of data per DVD, virtually doubling data storage capacity on a DVD recordable disc from the single layer recording capacity of 4.7 GBs.

• High Capacity Hard Drive - Fully compatible with Time Machine, the Aegis NetDock’s built-in 500GB or 1TB hard drive also gives you plenty of space to store your media collection, photos and videos in one location.

The Aegis NetDock is also available without a hard drive. The easy open enclosure enables you to add or change out the hard drive in a snap. The enclosure fits any 2.5”, 9.5mm SATA hard drive.

• Energy Efficient Design - In addition, the Aegis NetDock’s green, energy efficient design incorporates an auto “ON” and “OFF” feature, automatically turning on when connected to your MacBook, and powering the Aegis NetDock down when not in use.

“With so many mobile professionals and students using the MacBook Air as their primary computer, the ability to conveniently add desktop features when needed makes the Aegis NetDock an ideal companion for the MacBook Air,” said Mike McCandless, VP of Sales & Marketing at Apricorn. “Its tiny size, affordable price and comprehensive feature set make the Aegis NetDock an appealing addition.”


Apricorn’s Aegis NetDock is available for purchase at resellers throughout the United States, Canada and online at


500 GB: $199
1 TB: $229
No Hard Drive: $69


One year limited

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Apricorn, a leader in personal storage, has provided secure storage solutions for some of the most prominent names in the industries of finance, healthcare and government. Apricorn’s products have become the standard for many mobile security strategies. Apricorn was founded in 1983 and has developed numerous award winning products under the Apricorn brand and has been an OEM supplier to a number of leading computer manufacturers. Apricorn is headquartered in Poway, California, and distributes products throughout North America and Canada.

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