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9 security gadgets for mobile devices


Keep your mobile devices safe

Nowadays, when it seems like every week brings news of a new security breach, it seems appropriate to modernize an old saw by saying: You can never be too rich, too thin -- or too secure.

Most of these security breaches relate to stolen or illegally accessed databases, of course. But let's not overlook a more local problem: The security of your mobile devices and data. Your smartphone, your tablet and even your wallet all contain oodles of critical information -- business and personal alike -- that could be hacked, scanned, stolen or otherwise compromised.

Gadgets to the rescue! A growing number of security helpers aim to lock down your mobile devices, protect your credit cards, even hide your tablet display from the nosy guy in the airplane seat next to yours. What follows are some of the products that leverage the latest encryption and protection technologies to keep the bad guys at bay.


apricorn aegis secure key 3.0
Image courtesy Apricorn

Left your tablet in the cab? With enough time and the right skills, someone could access that data, even if it's password-protected. You could try keep all your data on Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or a similar cloud storage service, but many companies don't feel that public clouds are secure enough to store crucial data. That's why some users (and companies) turn to USB drives.

But what happens if the drive itself gets lost or stolen? Nothing, if it's an Aegis Secure Key 3.0. This military-grade USB drive incorporates a 10-digit alphanumeric keypad and FIPS 140-2 Level 3 cryptography -- meaning that, unless the user enters the correct code, ain't nobody getting that data.

The code can be 7 to 16 digits long, and because the Aegis Secure Key gets unlocked before you even insert it, there's no risk from hardware- or software-based keyloggers. Once inserted, it requires no drivers or special software, and it can be programmed to lock upon removal or after set period of inactivity.

The Secure Key starts at $199 for 30GB. It's also available in 60GB ($229), 120GB ($269) and 240GB ($369) capacities.

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