Press Release

New Feature Spotlight:
Lock Override

What is Lock Override?
For security reasons all of our Aegis Secure Drives are designed to automatically lock when they sense a re-enumeration signal from the host.
For example, this default setting would prevent a secure drive that is plugged into a powered USB hub, from having the hub plugged into another host without the secure drive locking. But for many IT professionals, there are occasions when it’s necessary for the drive to remain unlocked during USB port re-enumeration, such as during a remote reboot, or passing through a virtual machine.
Lock Override is a new Admin setting that prevents our secure drives from automatically locking when it senses a re-enumeration.  For many IT professionals this feature has been a real game-changer in how they are able to incorporate our drives into their workflow.
When enabled, the Aegis Secure Key 3.0 will remain unlocked through the above mentioned scenarios, provided that it remains plugged into its USB power source.

Since the Lock Override Mode manually suspends a vital security feature, the Secure Key 3.0 ships with Lock Override disabled as its default setting. When enabled by the Admin, the Key emits a distinct blue LED blinking pattern alerting the Admin / User that the drive is in this mode.

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