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Apricorn's Aegis Bio makes securing your data finger-swipe simple

Apricorn's Aegis Bio makes securing your data finger-swipe simple

When properly implemented, as Apricorn has done with its Aegis Bio 1TB USB hard drive, biometric finger scanning is the quickest way to unlock secure storage. There's no messing around with a keypad, and it's far quicker than waiting for a software app to launch so you can then enter a pass code. Just a simple swipe and you're in. And since this method is operating system and device agnostic, you can use it with any device that has a USB port and understands storage.

The Aegis Bio sports a USB 3.0, an integrated cable, and a ruggedized and sealed enclosure. Apricorn also includes a USB extension cable and a soft case for the unit to keep the finger-scanner safe and the unit looking pristine. Three small lights—red, green, and blue—on top of the unit blink or glow solid to denote the status of the Aegis Bio: locked, ready for fingerprint enrollment, unlocked, and so on.

In Conclusion

The Aegis Bio is a good overall performer and swiping a finger is far less of a pain than entering codes on a keypad, or waiting for software to boot so you can enter a password. It's pricier than a plain drive of course, but if there are things you want hidden from prying eyes, the Aegis Bio is by far one of the most convenient ways to do it.

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