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Use Cases

Use Cases

Secure Data Transfer

Transferring data from system to system where the data is too big, or too sensitive to transfer online


Capturing data from embedded, off line equipment

Secure Bootable System

A bootable image (Win/Linux/Mac/etc) on device to create a secure, mobile computing environment

Air Gapped System Interface

Secure device to transfer data or system updates to air gapped systems


Device to collect and distribute eDiscovery data to involved parties


Secure device to capture system event data for analysis

Secure Backup

Secure device to backup sensitive data and disaster recovery solutions

Secure Firmware Updates to Off-Line Equipment / Systems

Distribute system FW and software updates for embedded equipment and remote off line systems

Digital Asset Protection

If it can stay offline, keep it offline to protect sensitive data from cyber-attack or insider misuse

General Use / Compliance with Regulations

Common sense approach to data security and compliance

Storage of Digital Credentials and Keys / Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Secure, mobile storage of system credentials

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