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Data breaches up 62 percent in 2013

  • 04-10-2014
  • SC Magazine

If 2011 was the “Year of the Data Breach,” then 2013 was the “Year of the Mega Data Breach,” after a 62 percent increase in the number of breaches logged

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Aegis Padlock SSD - Protecting Client Files from Prying Eyes

  • 04-05-2014
  • Accounting Today

Accountants have a duty to make
sure their clients' confidential financial files and tax forms are kept safe, and fortunately there are some good products on the market for doing just that.

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Apricorn Releases Touch and Secure Padlock SSD Drive

  • 03-07-2014
  • GeekBeatTV

It may look like something out of a
spy film, but the Apricorn Padlock
is very real. It meets military standards
for toughness and meets FIPS 140-2 security.

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Apricorn Unveils Super Tough,
Crush Resistant Encrypted SSD

  • 02-26-2014
  • Apricorn

FIPS 140-2 Validated USB 3.0 Solid State Drive Built for Extreme Conditions

Poway, Calif. Feb 26th, 2014 – Apricorn, ( a leading designer and manufacturer of secure mobile storage products, has expanded into the rapidly growing ruggedized space with its new, super tough encrypted USB 3.0 solid state drive. Constructed with military grade durability and FIPS 140-2 validated security, the Aegis Padlock SSD is designed specifically to meet the stringent and rigorous needs of Government, Military and Law Enforcement.

Boasting a crush resistant, aluminum enclosure rated to over 6500 lbs, the Aegis Padlock SSD is both water resistant and impervious to dust and grit, making this secure USB 3.0 solid state drive as tough as they come. With no moving parts, the drive is drop and vibration resistant, unaffected by high humidity and works in extreme temperatures.

Aegis Padlock SSD Named Finalist for Info Security Global Excellence Awards

  • 02-06-2014
  • Store Owner

These global awards recognize
security and IT vendors with
advanced, ground-breaking products.

Winners Announced Feb 24th

Health insurer loses hard drive, 41K members impacted

  • 02-03-2014
  • SC Magazine

About 41,000 members of a Health Insurance Agency are being notified that their personal information may be at risk after a portable hard drive was reported missing.

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Hundreds impacted after Washington doctor's laptop is stolen

  • 01-31-2014
  • SC Magazine

A laptop containing personal information – including Social Security numbers – on roughly 900 individuals at nursing homes in Washington state was stolen from the vehicle of a doctor.

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Apricorn's Aegis Padlock SSD Awarded Best Endpoint Security Solution by Government Security News

  • 12-06-2013
  • GSN

GSN awarded Apricorn's Aegis Padlock SSD Best Endpoint Security Solution in its Homeland Security Awards.

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U.S. data breach notification laws likely to remain state-by-state

  • 12-04-2013
  • SC Magazine

Constantly updating technology coupled with the dynamic and evolving nature of data breaches may be stalling notification laws from becoming uniform across the United States.

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Apricorn Partners with Squadra Technologies to
Add Security Console to its Aegis Secure Drives

  • 12-04-2013
  • Apricorn

Squadra’s Secure Removable Media Manager Adds Centralized Security, Data Tracking and Reporting to Apricorn’s Encrypted Drives

Poway, Calif. Dec 4th, 2013 – Apricorn, ( a leader in data security products for business, today announced its partnership with Squadra Technologies to provide enterprise security software to its Aegis Secure USB Drives. Squadra’s Secure Removable Media Manager (SecRMM) is a perfect companion to the Aegis family and prevents sensitive data from being copied to removable media by unauthorized personnel, creating centralized control for administrators that enhance the endpoint security created by Apricorn’s Secure Drives.

Implementing Squadra’s SecRMM console with Apricorn’s Aegis Secure Drives enables organizations to white list devices, track when a file is transferred to a drive or any other removable device, correlate that event to an individual device user, and if necessary take appropriate measures to protect corporate data all while producing an auditable activity report. SecRMM also has the ability to restrict the copying of specific files and folders with pinpoint accuracy. Using pre-defined criteria, including User IDs and Serial Numbers, an IT department is able to easily enhance and enforce their DLP strategy.

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