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Product Review: Aegis Padlock DT FIPS – USB 3.0 Desktop Drive

  • 02-12-2018
  • Tom Atkinson, Tech Trends
Bring out the big guns! Apricorn impresses with its huge capacity Aegis Padlock DT secure desktop hard drive.

TechnoYard Review: Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3z USB 3.1 Flash Drive

  • 02-09-2018
  • TechnoYard
TechnoYard Review: Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3z USB 3.1 Flash Drive Conclusion

Apricorn Expands on its Hardware-Encrypted Aegis Padlock Desktop Series

  • 02-07-2018

Padlock DT and Padlock DT FIPS are now available in 12TB capacities

Feb 7, 2018

Review: Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3z – USB 3 Flash Drive

  • 02-02-2018
  • Tom Atkinson, Tech Trends
This is a serious looking USB thumb drive with a rugged metal construction, rubber sealed cap and a sturdy polymer-coated wear-resistant numeric keyboard the Aegis Secure Key 3z promises serious security for your files.

Apricorn Aegis Bio 3.0: A simple, but super-secure biometric drive [Review]

  • 01-30-2018
  • Wayne Williams

If you want to keep your personal data safe and secure, then a hardware encrypted drive is your best bet. 

Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3z: A super-secure USB flash drive

  • 01-22-2018
  • Wayne Williams
If you have important data that you need to have easy access to at all times, carrying it around on a USB flash drive makes sense.

Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3z USB Drive – Move over James Bond and Ethan Hunt, this data really can self destruct in 5 seconds!

  • 01-21-2018
  • Matt Porter, Gadget Man
If you watch Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, you will find a scene near the end of the movie where Faust (Rebecca Ferguson) hands a USB drive to her ‘handler’ Atlee (Simon McBurney)...

The Final Countdown – It’s Time to Find and Fix Your Weakest Links

  • 01-08-2018
  • GDPR Report; Jon Fielding

The change of year from 2017 to 2018 will have brought a reality check for many companies preparing for the GDPR. Now is the time for every business owner to stop, measure their security posture...(go to article)

“Free” Memory Sticks can be Expensive

  • 12-15-2017
  • Banking Exchange, Steve Cocheo

How clean is that device you are about to stick in your company computer? (read online article)

Secure mobile working: Turn the weakest link into the strongest asset

  • 12-14-2017
  • Government and Public Sector Journal, Jon Fielding

Without question, mobile and remote working offers huge business benefits, but it also exposes organisations to risks that can be... read full article

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