Aegis Secure Key - USB 2.0 Flash Drive

Aegis Secure Key - USB 2.0 Flash Drive

FIPS 140-2 Encrypted USB Flash Key with PIN access

Quick Overview

  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated

  • On-The-Fly Military grade Full-disk AES 256-bit CBC Hardware Encryption

  • PIN activated 7-15 digits - Alphanumeric keypad use a memorable number or word for your PIN

  • Dust and water resistant - IP57 Certified

  • No software or drivers involved

  • OS and platform independent – compatible with Windows, Mac, Linux and embedded systems

  • TAA Compliant

Test Drive Squadra Secure Removable Media Manager

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Aegis Secure Key - FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated


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  • To unlock you Aegis Secure Key input your PIN
  • Aegis Secure Key works with any USB port
  • To lock your Aegis Secure Key simply unplug
  • Security that fits in your pocket
Aegis Secure Key brings security to your fingertips
Easy to use FIPS 140-2 Validated USB flash drive with on-the-fly AES hardware encryption and secure PIN access
The Aegis Secure Key is simple to use
Apricorn’s Aegis Secure Key brings security to your fingertips. This easy to use and affordable USB flash drive incorporates PIN access with military grade 256-bit AES hardware encryption.

FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated
Tested and validated by the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) to meet the U.S. government standards for information technology and computer security. NIST FIPS 140 is the cryptography standard program required by the US federal government for protection of sensitive data.

The Aegis Secure Key’s FIPS 140-2 validation covers 11 areas of its cryptographic security system, including physical security, cryptographic key management and design integrity. Available in four levels, the Aegis Secure Key’s FIPS 140-2 Level 3 certification encompasses both the Aegis Secure Key’s physical tamper-resistant features as well as its identity-based authentication.

Utilizes Military Grade 256-bit AES CBC Hardware Encryption
All data on the Aegis Secure Key is encrypted on the fly with the built in 256-bit AES CBC (Cipher-Block Chained) hardware encryption.

Onboard Alphanumeric Keypad – Prevents Hardware and Software Key Logging
Using a rechargeable battery, the Aegis Secure Key enables the user to unlock the drive with a 7-15 digit PIN before connecting to the USB port on your computer, tablet or mobile device. The embedded keypad prevents hardware and software key logging attempts to capture your password entered via the host system.

Software Free Design – With no admin rights to contend with the Aegis Secure Key is a breeze to implement
The Aegis Secure Key is ready to go right out of the box. It does not require any software or drivers to be installed and is compatible with PCs, MACs, Linux and embedded systems. The Aegis Secure Key uses drag and drop encryption, is plug and play ready and can be used with any off the shelf backup software.

Independent User and Admin PINs
The Aegis Secure Key can be configured with independent User and Admin PINs, making it ideal for corporate and government deployment. If the User forgets their PIN, the drive can be unlocked using the Admin PIN which will then clear the old User PIN and allow the User to set a new PIN.

Drive Reset Feature
The Aegis Secure Key also includes a drive reset feature which clears both User and Admin PINs, destroys the data, creates a new randomly generated encryption key and allows the drive to be reused. The Aegis Secure Key is capable of generating an infinite number of randomly generated encryption keys, allowing the user to reset the drive as and when required.

Dust and Water Resistant Durable Aluminum Housing - IP57 Certified
Protecting data often goes well beyond encryption. Tough enough to go anywhere the Aegis Secure Key resilient design makes it perfect for travel. The Secure Key's rugged, extruded aluminum, crush resistant casing is tamper evident and protects it against physical damage.

The Aegis Secure Key is also certified for Water and Dust Resistance with the IP57 certification. The Ingress Protection (IP) rating is an international standard that tests electrical products against two main environmental factors, liquids and dust. The testing is done independently by a 3rd party and involves two separate tests. In order to receive the certification, the Aegis Secure Key was subjected to a dust chamber for 8 hours and submerged in a water tank at 1 meter for 30 minutes, after which the Secure Key was tested for functionality, and inspected for water and dust in its electronics.

Sealed from Physical Attacks by Tough Epoxy Coating
The internal drive components completely protected by a super tough epoxy compound, which is virtually impossible to remove without causing permanent damage to the electronics. This barrier prevents a potential hacker from accessing the encryption circuitry and launching a variety of potential attacks.

Brute Force Self Destruct Feature
As the Aegis Secure Key is unlocked using its own keypad and not via a keyboard, it is not vulnerable to software/hardware based key-loggers or brute force attacks. In addition the Aegis Secure Key further protects your data with a “Brute Force Hack Defense Mechanism”, which deletes the encryption key and destroys all stored data if the incorrect PIN is entered a total of 10 consecutive times.

Auto Lock feature
The Aegis Secure Key automatically locked once you unplug the drive from your computer's USB port or power to the USB port is turned off.

Wear Resistant Key Pad
Designed with protection in mind, the entire Aegis Secure Drive family incorporates ‘wear resistant’ keypads to hide key usage and avoid tipping off a potential hacker to the commonly used keys.

Aegis Secure Key incorporates DataLock® Technology licensed from ClevX, LLC
Interface USB 2.0
Dimensions 80mm x 20mm x 10.5mm (with sleeve) | 78mm x 18mm x 10.5mm (without sleeve) | 25 grams
Warranty 3 year limited warranty
Approvals FIPS 140-2 Level 3 Validated | IP57 Certified for Dust and Water Resistance
Certification Policies Click here for Security Policies
System Requirements Compatible with Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Android & Symbian
Comments Encryption: AES Cipher-Block Chained mode
Encryption Keys: 256-bit Hardware
Hashing: 256-bit SHA

Aegis Secure Key incorporates DataLock® Technology licensed from ClevX, LLC
  1. great product Review by JBerg

    Needed something that allowed a bootable encrypted drive. Was able to use this to boot Win PE3/PE4. (Posted on 7/30/13)

  2. SECURED Very Secured Review by shawn JCEMS

    We have only tested this for 2 days and the security is great. Have had 3 members test it out and had "0" problems. No one had any problems using it, unlocking it etc. The NEXT biggest winning part of this drive is the lanyard! plastic coated steel cable with a SCREW on lock. Not only is the data secured but the drive its self , Don't have to worry about a fabric string breaking.
    WE Recommend this to anyone even if they don't need the security on it, just for the fact that once you put it on your key-ring you don't have to worry about it disappearing .
    Will give another review in 28 more days (Posted on 7/2/13)

  3. Excellent product Review by Bryan

    Our company requires FIPS 140-2 encryption on all flash drives now, and these Aegis drives are the best we've tested so far. (BTW, love the fact that we can demo the product first!) Easy to use and explain to our users, and the admin recovery function is miles ahead of any competitor's feature.

    Will continue to buy for our company and recommend to colleagues. Price was better than 2/3 of the competitors' products as well, which helps when recommending. (Posted on 7/1/13)

  4. GREAT Review by BB

    I was looking for something to keep my PKI stuff secure. I fell safe now with this.
    (Posted on 2/18/13)

  5. Well worth the price Review by jjmcd

    I needed something that would be secure for document and other file handling with respect to M&A as well as other confidential company information.
    Being able to share files and still have them secure was the key to this purchase.
    Well worth the price (Posted on 1/26/13)

  6. Keep developing Review by Peter

    Great, solid product.

    Am waiting for a USB 3.0 with at least 128 gb capacity. (Posted on 11/16/12)

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How do I unlock the Aegis Secure Key if the battery is dead?

Your Aegis Secure Key has a built-in rechargeable battery. If the battery is fully discharged you can still continue to use the product by following the instructions below:

a) Connect the Aegis Secure Key to a USB port on any computer

b) While the Key is connected to the computer, enter the User or Admin PIN to unlock the drive

c) While connected to the USB port, the internal battery will automatically charge. We recommend you keep the drive connected for approximately 1 hour to fully charge the battery

What if I forget my PIN on my Aegis Secure Key?

If you forget the User and Admin PINs, there is absolutely no way of gaining access to the data stored on the drive, there is no back doors into the drive. You will need to completely reset the Aegis Secure Key by following the directions in section 4. By resetting all data stored on the Key will be inaccessible.

When the Aegis Secure Key is reset the following occurs:

* A new encryption key is generated
* The User and Admin PIN are deleted
* All the data on the Key is no longer accessible
* A new User PIN will need to be set
* The Aegis Secure Key will need to be formatted

Aegis Secure Key brute force or hacking attempt protection

If your Aegis Secure Key has 10 convective unsuccessful attempts to unlock the brute force will activate and will completly reset the drive as follows:

* A new encryption key is generated
* The User and Admin PIN are deleted
* All the data on the Key is no longer accessible
* A new User PIN will need to be set
* The Aegis Secure Key will need to be formatted

VIDEO 1 - How do I change the default PIN?

VIDEO 2 - How to reset the Aegis Secure Key

VIDEO 3 - How to add USER PIN after resetting the drive

VIDEO 4 - How to setup an ADMIN PIN

VIDEO 5 - How to reset the USER PIN using the ADMIN PIN

What is FIPS 140-2?

This is a government standard to accredit cryptographic modules. The government regulates certain industries that collect, store and/or transfer sensitive data to use security that meets this standard. For a general explanation:

What are the ECCN and HST codes used for shipping this device outside the US?

ECCN: 5A992A and HTS code 8473.50.3000

Why does my drive automatically lock after 7-15 minutes?

Starting with Windows 8 and OSX for the Mac, there is a power setting that will attempt to put all drives to sleep to save power.



For the Mac

Open Energy Saver settings (Applications -> System Preferences -> Energy Saver) and uncheck the option “Put hard disks to sleep when possible”.

Mac settings



For Windows 8.0

From the start screen, type “edit power” and choose to edit plan settings. Select the “Change advanced power setting”. Expand the Hard Disk setting and change the setting ("Never" is a good option if the computer does not operate on battery power).

Windows 8.0 settings

Also Expand the USB setting and change the USB selective suspend setting and change it to “disable”.

Windows 8.0 USB settings



For Windows 8.1

There is a known bug in 8.1 where the above settings will not make the desired change. Microsoft has recently competed a fix to resolve this problem that can be found here.

Microsoft suggested fixes

Can I change the Admin or User PIN, create a User PIN, or reset my Secure Key 2.0 while it’s plugged into a USB port?

NO. The only commands that can be performed on the Secure Key 2.0 while connected to a USB port is to enter the Admin or the User PIN. And even though it's possible, we advise that you always unplug the device from the USB port before performing these button commands (unless it’s connected with an extension cable) as pressing Secure Key's buttons while it’s plugged in could bend the device’s USB connector and / or damage the computer’s USB port.
Aegis Secure Key Datasheet
(Size: 1013.15 KB)
Aegis Secure Key Manual
(Size: 731.93 KB)
Aegis Secure Key Quick Start Guide
(Size: 897.87 KB)
Apricorn End-User License Agreement
(Size: 48.27 KB)
Aegis Secure Key QSG Canadian French
(Size: 913.56 KB)
Aegis Secure Key QSG Spanish
(Size: 933.47 KB)

Aegis Secure Key Product Review

Dec 21, 2011 | Martin Regtien | Publication: Digital Reviews
Digital Reviews - Aegis Secure Key

What a nifty, brilliant device! That's my first reaction when I opened up the nonretail packaging that Apricorn sent it in. On the outside it is rather nondescript but when you pull the cover off it looks like a mini Fort Knox with three LEDs, 10 buttons for inputting your pin number and a slightly larger button with a key symbol on it. Is this the most secure USB key? Well, let's put in the default pin to get started and let's find out.

We have reviewed quite a few USB drives, starting 10 years ago when they were still an exciting novelty, including a few that came with encryption. Then this whole category became so obnoxiously prevalent that there was no way in the world you could hold a reader's attention for a review. The only times when USB keys were in the news was when some high-up dude lost one with all sorts of sensitive information on it.

Well, these days most everyone has a need to protect data, particularly when travelling. Apricorn has been supplying the market for quite some time already with a number of encrypted drives, including ones with keypads or biometric security. This is the latest one.

The device itself is dust and water resistant, made from durable aluminium housing covered by tough epoxy coating which should prevent a potential hacker from accessing the encryption circuitry. The outer skin is black with slightly rubbery exterior which gives a secure grip when you're trying to manipulate the rather small buttons.

What You Can't See

I hate to serve it up to you so early in the review but there is some gibberish we need to talk about first which makes this device as valuable as it is. It uses a military grade 256 bit AES CBC hardware encryption. If you know what that means you can skip this paragraph. All it really means in dummy terms is that no one can mess around with your data unless you write your unique pin on the back of this device. Or when you’re being waterboarded into giving your torturers the access code…

The key to your data has to be a 7 to 15 digit pin (you can also type in a word which is easier to remember) but if you lose your pin you have basically nine more tries before it explodes and self-destructs. Well, not quite that dramatic but your data is indeed lost if you can't get it right within 10 attempts to enter your correct pin. All you can do then is to reset the device and set up a new pin. So make the pin something you can remember easily as long as it is not a series of repeating or any sequential numbers.

Here is another good bit: there is no software required and the Aegis Secure Key is ready right out of the box. It comes with the factory default pin which is: nah, I'd better not tell you even though it is in the documentation and freely available on the net. Anyways, you put in these digits and then you have 30 seconds to plug it into a USB port. All the while there are red, blue and green LEDs flashing for the various sequences. It is important to follow the simple guidelines on the Quick Start Guide.

Final Thoughts

There is much to like in this latest product from Apricorn. Its main claim to fame is the extremely high security that is implemented in the smallest possible form factor. As soon as you unplug it from a USB port it goes into lockdown mode and you will have to re-enter your pin. Even if you put your computer to sleep and leave your Secure Key in the USB port, the auto lock feature will prevent access unless you first put in your pin again. You can use this USB key with any operating system and without having to install any drivers. It's only USB 2.0, not the much faster 3.0, but the data transfer rates are around 25 MB per second for read or write, so it's not too shabby.

Highly recommended!

The Aegis Secure Key is available in three different capacities: 4, 8 and 16 GB. Pricing is $65, 95 and $125 respectively. Check some of the following retailers for your best deal: CDW,, Amazon, eCost, Zones, MacMall, PCMall, Provantage, Softchoice, PC Connection and a few others like Newegg and Dell having the Secure Key in a few weeks.

Aegis Secure Key Awarded PC Mag Editor's Choice

Dec 21, 2011 | Neil Rubenking | Publication: PC Mag
PC Mag Editor's Choice

When you need to transport highly sensitive data, sending it in email or over the Internet may not be such a great idea. Transporting a physical drive holding the encrypted data significantly reduces points of possible exposure. Even so, a determined hacker could attack the decryption software, possibly compromising the data. The fully self-contained Aegis Secure Key ($65 direct) uses an onboard PIN pad rather than relying on software. That $65 price gets you a 4GB unit; 8GB and 16GB devices can be had for $95 and $125 respectively.

Since no software is needed, you can use the drive with any USB-capable device, regardless of the operating system. Windows, Mac OS, Linux—even a proprietary device with a proprietary operating system would be fine as long as it supports USB.

Button-based Configuration

In many ways Aegis Secure Key resembles LOK-IT Secure Flash Drive ($76.25 direct, 4 stars). That's only natural, as both license some basic technology from the same source. Both work with any USB-capable operating system, both use an onboard PIN pad for access, both destroy the stored data after ten bad guesses, and so on. However, there are some significant differences.

Click to read full review and drive comparison >>

Protecting Documents Gets Faster, Easier and More Mobile

Feb 01, 2012 | Joe Desposito | Publication: Electronic Design

This is essentially a USB stick with a combo lock on it. The stick contains a 0-9 keypad arranged in two rows of five, plus a key with a key icon on it and three LED indicators. An aluminum enclosure that is dust and water resistant covers the stick when you carry it around.

Using the device is simple and, once activated, works as fast as a typical USB stick. To activate the stick you press the key icon, enter a 7-15 digit pin and then connect it to your PC or other device. The device comes up just like any other USB device, installing its drivers the first time you use it. Once connected, all data moved to the drive is encrypted in real-time with 256-bit AES CBC (cipher-block chained) hardware encryption. After you’re finished copying or moving your files to the device, you just pull it out of the PC and off you go, knowing that no one can access those files except you, thus protecting your data if the drive is lost or stolen.

Like its previous products in this category, Apricorn goes the whole nine yards in trying to protect your data from getting into the wrong hands. Besides encryption, there’s protection against brute force attacks, keystroke logging, and physical tampering of the device. For example, internal drive components are protected by a super tough epoxy compound that is virtually impossible to remove without causing permanent damage to the electronics. This prevents a potential hacker from accessing the encryption circuitry and launching a variety of potential attacks.

I tried the Aegis Secure Key on a couple of Windows PCs, but it also works with other OSs including the Apple Mac, Linux, Android and Symbian. So, not only can you use the device with PCs, but also with tablets and mobile devices that contain USB ports. Pricing starts at $95 for the 8 GB model and $125 for the 16 GB model.