What can I do if I forget the User Password?

Question:What can I do if I forget the User Password?
Answer:If your device has a “Configurable” symbol on it, it may have up to 4 recovery PINs set. if you forget your original user PIN, the recovery PINs will allow you to create a new User PIN without affecting the device's data. If your drive was issued by your workplace, your IT Administrator/Help Desk may be able to give you the recovery PIN, assuming they were created upon initial configuration. Once the new User PIN is set up, you will be able to unlock the drive and access your data. If Recovery PINs were not created at initial setup, the Admin PIN can be used to unlock the drive and recover the data and generate a new User PIN(s). In the event that no recovery PINs were set and both the User and Admin PINs are forgotten, the drive can be reset and used again, but the data on that device will be permanently erased.
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