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Headquartered in Poway, California, Apricorn provides hardware-based 256-bit encrypted external storage products to companies and organizations that require high-level protection for their data at rest. Since we began in 1983, dozens of award-winning innovations have been developed under the Apricorn brand as well as for a number of leading computer manufacturers on an OEM basis. Apricorn’s unique approach to employing 256-bit encryption is particularly valuable for verticals whose data security practices are regulated (e.g., finance, healthcare, education, and insurance.) And for federal, state, and local governments, Apricorn devices set the standard for data security for both North America and the rest of the world. Since every Apricorn Aegis drive is encrypted and authenticated exclusively by way of its own onboard keypad and internal hardware, there is never any software involvement in these critical security parameters. As such, Apricorn device CSPs are never shared with that device's host computer. As we continue to create innovations to defend against today’s threats, as well as to anticipate tomorrow’s, rest assured that your secrets are safe with us.


The Apricorn Advantage

Our patent-protected hardware-centric / software-free approach to data security is the best defense against data loss by eliminating the most commonly used attack vectors. This same software-free method also provides complete cross-platform compatibility with any OS or embedded equipment possessing a USB port and file storage system e.g., medical diagnostic devices, military equipment, machinery, etc.

Use Cases

Secure Data Transfer

Transferring data from system to system where the data is too big, or too sensitive to transfer online


Capturing data from embedded, off line equipment

Secure Bootable System

A bootable image (Win/Linux/Mac/etc) on device to create a secure, mobile computing environment

Air Gapped System Interface

Secure device to transfer data or system updates to air gapped systems


Device to collect and distribute eDiscovery data to involved parties


Secure device to capture system event data for analysis

Secure Backup

Secure device to backup sensitive data and disaster recovery solutions

Secure Firmware Updates to Off-Line Equipment / Systems

Distribute system FW and software updates for embedded equipment and remote off line systems

Digital Asset Protection

If it can stay offline, keep it offline to protect sensitive data from cyber-attack or insider misuse

General Use / Compliance with Regulations

Common sense approach to data security and compliance

Storage of Digital Credentials and Keys / Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Secure, mobile storage of system credentials


What happens in Aegis, stays in Aegis. With our completely self-contained authentication and encryption processes, all critical security parameters take place within the drive itself, and are never shared with its USB host. Apricorn’s unique approach to ultimate data security is centered on absolute independence from all software and operating systems.


Apricorn Aegis secure drives have been rigorously tested and endorsed by some of the most reputable publications in the computing and data security world including PCMag, Wired, PCWorld, Global Security News, SC Magazine, and SSD Review, to name a few. Year after year, Apricorn products continue to set the standard in data security.


In industries where the protection of client or patient data is regulated such as financial, healthcare, and education, Apricorn secure drives are the trusted choice for the ultimate in data security. With 256-Bit AES encryption and NIST FIPS 140-2 validation up to level 3, Apricorn elevates your data protection above regulatory compliance.







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