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Apricorn Wins Gold in Two Marquee International Awards for Security Hardware Storage

  • 08-20-2019
Apricorn’s Flagship USB Drive, the Aegis Fortress L3, Earns Top Honors in the Stevie Awards’ 16th Annual 2019 International Business Award for Hardware Storage, and Network Product Guide’s 14th Annual 2019 IT World Award for Security Hardware

The Gadget Professor Reviews Aegis Fortress L3 Secure Portable Hard Drive

  • 08-08-2019
  • Don Baine
Welcome to The Gadget Professor Show #418 hosted by Don Baine.

The Apricorn Aegis SecureKey Flash Drive

  • 08-07-2019
The Apricorn Aegis family of flash drives, HDDs, and SSDs has been around for quite a while.

Is your organisation prepared for this threat?

  • 07-30-2019
  • John Hilton
Cyber-attacks are increasingly focusing on using employees as a backdoor into businesses.

Apricorn Aegis Fortress L3 Review

  • 07-25-2019
  • Alex Schuchter
The Aegis Fortress L3 is a portable SSD that offers external storage for organizations and companies that require the highest level of protection for their data. The drive is a compact sleek black vault for your data that utilizes a built in PIN authentication pad to unlock allowing you to take large amounts of sensitive data wherever you go.

Report Reveals that Companies’ Biggest Data Security Threat is … Their Own Employees?

  • 07-18-2019
  • press team
Cybercriminals are a scourge to every company: the security breaches they execute can inflict considerable damage to an organization’s reputation and bottom line, as well as a litany of logistical headaches.

Tech Matters: How to protect your USB drives

  • 07-10-2019
  • Leslie Meredith
You probably don’t give much thought to your USB drives. When you need to transfer a file from your computer to a drive, often, you grab the first one you see in a desk, the bottom of a bag you used at a conference or in the kitchen junk drawer.

Apricorn Report Reveals Majority of Employees Use Non-Encrypted USB Drives – Even Though 91% Say Encrypted USB Drives Should Be Mandatory

  • 05-14-2019
  • Apricorn
For second consecutive year, employees are aware of the risks associated with inadequate USB drive security – but aren’t following best practices

Apricorn Aegis Fortress L3 2TB External SSD Review

  • 05-06-2019
  • Les Tokar
Top Level Data Security Hands Down

Security Product Spotlight: Aegis Fortress L3

  • 05-01-2019
  • Gary Miliefsky, CISSP
If you know me by now, I am a huge proponent of strong encryption everywhere.

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