Aegis Configurator
Configure Multiple Compatible Devices in Seconds
Create and Store Master Settings (patent pending)

Aegis Configurator

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"For the security and cross-device compatibility it delivers, the Secure Key 3z is a bargain."

Jon Jacobi, PC World



Quickly Create Master Profiles, Customize Settings, and Preload Data onto Multiple Apricorn Drives.

Advanced Feature Sets, Stored Profile Settings, Multiple Drive Setup Capability, and an Intuitive User Interface Make the Aegis Configurator an Indispensable Tool for Device Deployment. Intuitive, simple, and secure. This Windows-based software program quickly programs features and PINs into compatible Aegis secure devices.  The Configurator will recognize compatible devices and allow Administrators to program/configure/provision all of Apricorn’s compatible USB 3.0 and later security devices.

Create Master Profiles
Create, edit, and store master device profiles for repeat deployments, implement corporate security policy settings, pre-load files onto devices, reformat drives, auto-generate random Admin, User, and data recovery PINs.

Manage Profiles
View comprehensive log of profiles created in configuration history, as well as edit / delete them.

Query Devices
Search history for settings and PINs designated to specific devices at time of configuration. Query by device type, profile name, and device serial number.

User Forced Enrollment
Allows configured devices to have Admin and data recovery PINs and be deployed in a User Forced Enrollment state requiring the User to create his or her own unique PIN before the device can be used.



OS Compatibility Windows 7,8, and 10
Power Supply External 5 amp
Interface Super Speed USB 3.0 (Backwards compatible with USB 2.0 and 1.1)
Dimensions Size: 9.5” x 8 x 3.2 (with Hub) | weight: 3 lbs.
Warranty 3-year Limited Warranty
System Requirements Windows 7, 8, 10; PC compatible computer with Pentium duel core CPU or newer,
USB Port, 128MB available RAM, 100MB available space for program and log file


Aegis Configurator QSG
(Size: 368 KB)

Aegis Configurator Datasheet
(Size: 1300 KB)

Configurator Summary Letter Jan 19 2017
(Size: 502 KB)

apricorn end user agreement
(Size: 109 KB)

Product Review

Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3z review:
This USB thumbdrive is small, secure,
and device-agnostic

  • 02-07-2017
  • Jon Jacobi
Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3z review:
This USB thumbdrive is small, secure,
and device-agnostic.
Like the Aegis Secure Key 3.0, But Better.

Apricorn Aegis 3z Secure Key and Configurator Review – Sleek and Secure!

  • 02-27-2017
  • Chris Jolliffe

SSD Review's Chris Jolliffe puts the Aegis Secure Key 3z and Aegis Configurator through the paces.

Aegis Secure Key 3z - affordable and effective

  • 02-23-2017
  • Eric Jacksch

California-based Apricorn Inc. has developed a solid reputation for secure and easy to use encrypted USB storage devices. I have written about their products before, and the Aegis Secure Key USB 3.0 has become my preferred device for secure portable storage. It is often hard to improve on a great product, but Apricorn just did: Earlier this month the company released the Aegis Secure Key 3z, along with Aegis Configurator.

Apricorn Aegis Secure Key 3z and Configurator Review

  • 04-04-2017
  • TweakTown

We take the highly secured FIPS 140-2 Aegis Secure 3z for a tune and test. If you need secure data, come and take a look.

Security’s changing, are you keeping up?

  • 02-28-2017
  • James Stevenson
How do we keep up with security, stay secure and stop data leaks? These are the question on everyone’s mind.

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