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New Feature Spotlight:
Forced Enrollment

  • 06-26-2015
  • Store Owner

What is Forced Enrollment

Generally speaking, the weakest links in any data security plan are the access codes or PINs. It’s common knowledge that PINs that are too simple are about as effective as having no PIN at all. Forced Enrollment focuses on a different PIN weakness. One that stems from devices shipped with factory preset PINs. While factory preset PINs are common and widely used, there exists a very real opportunity to skip the factory PIN replacement step and put these drives into service with publicized PINs still enabled to authenticate them. Most people know that the preset PIN has to be changed at initial setup, but surprisingly, there are a few who don’t. To ease the minds of CISOs everywhere, we’ve sidestepped this potential vulnerability by eliminating the factory-preset PIN on the Secure Key 3.0 altogether. And since all of the Secure Key’s use and setup requires a 7-16 digit PIN to unlock it, the establishment of a unique admin PIN has to happen first, which is exactly what Forced Enrollment ensures. Simply put, we’ve taken the critically important security measure of unique PIN creation a step further by forcing this process to the very front of the Secure Key’s setup.

New Feature Spotlight:
Dual Read-Only Modes

  • 05-28-2015
  • Store Owner

Why is "Modes" Plural?
Because the Secure Key 3 has a separate Read-Only mode for both the Administrator as well as the User, expanding its functionality after deployment in the field. Prior to deployment, the Secure Key's Admin can set the drive to be Read-Only. After deployment, the User can also set the drive to Read-Only as well.

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