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Aegis Secure Key Awarded PC Mag Editor's Choice

  • 12-22-2011
  • Apricorn

PC Mag Editor's Choice

When you need to transport highly sensitive data, sending it in email or over the Internet may not be such a great idea. Transporting a physical drive holding the encrypted data significantly reduces points of possible exposure. Even so, a determined hacker could attack the decryption software, possibly compromising the data. The fully self-contained Aegis Secure Key ($65 direct) uses an onboard PIN pad rather than relying on software. That $65 price gets you a 4GB unit; 8GB and 16GB devices can be had for $95 and $125 respectively.

Since no software is needed, you can use the drive with any USB-capable device, regardless of the operating system. Windows, Mac OS, Linux—even a proprietary device with a proprietary operating system would be fine as long as it supports USB.

Button-based Configuration

In many ways Aegis Secure Key resembles LOK-IT Secure Flash Drive ($76.25 direct, 4 stars). That's only natural, as both license some basic technology from the same source. Both work with any USB-capable operating system, both use an onboard PIN pad for access, both destroy the stored data after ten bad guesses, and so on. However, there are some significant differences.

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NEW from Apricorn: Aegis NetDock Mac Edition
3 in 1 USB Hub, DVD Burner and 1TB Hard Drive
Give Desktop Functionality to MacBook Air

  • 12-15-2011
  • Apricorn

Poway, CA – December 15, 2011 – Apricorn, the leader in personal storage, today announced the Mac Edition of their Aegis NetDock ($229 for 1TB model), an ultra-compact 3 in 1 USB Docking Station, combining a 4-port USB Hub, dual layer DVD burner and 1TB hard drive in a footprint smaller than a stapler. An ideal accessory to Apple’s MacBook Air, the Aegis NetDock instantly adds desktop functionality with a single USB connection.

Hands-on: Velocity Solo easy upgrade to SATA 3.0

  • 12-09-2011
  • Computerworld

Apricorn's upgrade kit lets you use SATA 3.0 hard drives and SSDs in an older PC.

Read entire product review at Computerworld

If you're contemplating the cost of a new Windows-based computer to catch up with SATA 3.0 hard drives, you might be able to get away with just a $49 investment rather than a complete PC overhaul. Apricorn's Velocity Solo upgrade kit gives you access to SATA 3.0 hard drives and SSDs -- all you need is an x1 PCIe 2.0 slot -- and a SATA 3.0 drive, of course.

NEW from Apricorn: Aegis Secure Key
Advanced USB Secure Flash Drive with PIN Access

  • 12-07-2011
  • Apricorn

Poway, CA – December 7, 2011 – Apricorn, a leading manufacturer of data security products for government, healthcare and business, today announced the addition of the Aegis Secure Key - a USB Encrypted Flash Drive - to its secure drive offering. Built around an alphanumeric keypad for secure PIN access and featuring real-time military grade AES CBC 256-bit hardware encryption, Apricorn’s latest product offering provides powerful data security that is simple to use. Ideal for travel with its water and dust resistant aluminum casing, tamper resistant circuitry, slim design and attractive $65 price point (for 4 GB model), the Aegis Secure Key provides a compelling feature set for anyone looking to secure their data.

Hard Drive Shortage – Due to the severe flooding
in Thailand, the hard drive industry is in turmoil.
Both availability and price of hard drives are
changing daily

  • 10-26-2011
  • Store Owner

Poway, CA – October 25, 2011 – Apricorn is reacting to this disaster as quickly as possible. However, as a result of this disaster pricing is subject to change daily and we are unable to commit to pricing on any scheduled orders. We will accept scheduled orders, which will help to secure your allocation of drives, and if the price is changed prior to shipment we will contact you to confirm the new price, or provide you the option of canceling your order.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

Aegis Padlock - Protecting Accounting Firms from
Disaster and Data Loss

  • 06-15-2011
  • Michael Cohn

Tornadoes, floods, wildfires and other disasters in different parts of the country this year have brought the importance of disaster protection and backup to mind for accountants and their clients.

One company that specializes in secure backup protection is Apricorn, whose line of password-encrypted portable hard drives is designed to keep sensitive data protected from not only natural disasters, but also prying eyes.


Disaster Readiness – Keeping your Important
Documents Safe and Readily Available
with an Encrypted Drive

  • 06-06-2011
  • Mike Berman

Shouldn’t we all be taking stock of our Disaster Readiness Plans? Sure, we all know the importance of keeping our most important documents, such as birth certificates and Social Security Cards safe. Whether than be in a fireproof safe in the floor of your home or in a safety deposit box off site. But shouldn’t we also consider keeping an electronic version of these as well? When an emergency strikes we often don’t have much time or space to take our most important belongings with us. In these cases, picking a small drive with an electronic version of our most important documents is much easier than trying to pull files and folders from filing cabinets or safes. And these documents are easily accessible, an important thing to consider especially when returning to your home quickly may not be an option. What drive you use is just as important as what you put on it. 


Apricorn Aegis Padlock 750GB review

  • 03-14-2011
  • Jonas

Most notebooks and netbooks come with a hard drive that is simply too small. With our digital packrat mentality, let’s face it that 250 GB or 320 GB just does not cut it anymore. Clearly there is a need for storage expansion, however, there is always a danger of taking sensitive information onto a portable platform. Filling the need for such a device is the Aegis Padlock which offers increased hard drive space, and password level protection of the contents.

Government Computer News reviews Aegis Padlock

  • 03-02-2011
  • John Breeden

The Aegis Padlock resembles those padlocks from my cartoon days. It’s a solidly built rectangle that is 3.3 inches by 4.7 inches. It’s 0.75 inches thick and weighs 6.7 ounces. The front of the Padlock features a number pad. The bottom two nonnumber buttons on the pad are a Cancel button and an open lock symbol, which serves as the Enter key for the device. Each button lives on its own rubberized island, so the keys are not mashed together. You won’t accidentally hit a 6 when you mean to punch 5, no matter how large your fingers are.

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